Christian Messengers

Led by: Carol Wolfe, Mike Westhafer & Ross Martin Location: Room 102 (Education Building)
We use the Bible and the Christian Standard for our learning materials, and we are currently studying a range of biblical topics. We have weekly prayer requests and praise reports, and we will have an interesting mix informal lecture and lots of class discussion and participation is highly encouraged. Emphasis on fellowship, prayer, study & fun!


Location: Family Center
Format: This group is an Elder led discussion class that tackles modern topics while clinging to God’s Word. We are currently walking together through the books of the Bible, and learning about stepping up and stepping out, with the courage that can only come from knowing Jesus. We have group activities and serving opportunities within the community.


Led by: Tyler & Kari Mitchell Location: Room 101 (Education Building)
Legacy is a dynamic young adult ministry, mostly Post High School – 24 yrs. old , designed to actively share in God’s Word and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our goals as a Connection group are to • Build a relationship with God and others. • Cultivate faith and a Christian worldview • Develop a generation of young adults to be leaders in their community, city, and the world by obeying the teachings of Jesus Christ.

J.O.Y. Class (Jesus, Others & Yourself)

Led by: Jenny Mitchell / Ollie Niccolls Location: Room 100 (Education Building)
Format: This is a fellowship-oriented group that is currently a verse by verse look at chapters of the Bible. The format is a combination of lecture and scripture reading with an open questions and answer time. We have open discussion time and a weekly prayer list.
New Study Starts Sunday July 29th!
“It Is Written” We will study the prophecies of Jesus’s first and second coming. Class notes are available. This class is scheduled to last approx 6 months. We meet in WC-1 and have room for a few more students.

Walking in the Word

Led by: Ross Martin & Mike Westhafer Location: Room 104 (Education Building)
We use the Bible and the Christian Standard for our learning materials, and we are currently studying a range of bilical topics.
  • Weekly Prayer Requests & Praise Reports
  • Class Discussion & Participation is highly encouraged