Faith in Action Group

Group Description:
Provide leaders for FCC trips and activities.
Point of contact for non-FCC trips and activities.
Teach preparation classes for FCC trips and activities.
Mentoring opportunities within FCC.
Determine projects on cost & time frame of trips.
Focus on ministries FCC as a church has chosen to support.
Have projects going in places where FCC missionaries are in place.

Awareness Group

Group Description:
Solicit all missions information to staff and congregation
Maintain FCC Missions web page
Man & stock Missions Kiosk
Organize and promote functions for missionaries coming or going

Prayer and Care Group

Group Description:
Solicite prayer needs and requests
Share answered prayer
Lead Concert of Prayer
Letters, cards and emails to missionaries
For more information on how you can be involved, please contact Brandon Scribner at blscribner@mac.com