Whether you’ve been a part of the FCC family for years or are new among us, a great way to deepen connections with others is to become a Secret Sister.Each year, you will list your name, birthday, anniversary (if applicable), a few of your favorite things (color, candy, hobbies, etc.), and any prayer concerns you want your Secret Sister to pray for. The program coordinator will review the forms and assign each participant a Secret Sister. You will receive all the information about your Secret Sister, but she won’t know your identity.
During the year, you are asked to bring a gift for her birthday and Christmas, cards or gifts for any other significant dates or events you wish to recognize, or cards and notes just to say you’re thinking of her. Leave them anonymously at the Women’s Ministry Counter for her to pick up. An upper limit of $20 is suggested, but great gifts can be found at our area dollar stores. Whether it’s a kitchen towel or bouquet from your own garden, the idea is to let her know you thought of her.
Most importantly, remember to pray for her regularly. Meanwhile, another woman will be sending you gifts and cards, and praying for you. That means you’ll actually be sharing with two women throughout the year.
At year’s end, Secret Sisters gather for a Reveal Event. It’s always fun to find out who your sisters are. Even when you THINK you know, you may get a big surprise! Many lifelong relationships have been formed through Secret Sisters. For more information, see us at the Women’s Ministry Counter on Sunday.