Mike and Karen Osborn

Mike & Karen Osborn

Mike and Karen Osborn have served as missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators since February of 2010. Prior to that they served with New Mission Systems Intl. and Mike as an Elder here at FCC Ft. Myers. They now serve with Wycliffe via JAARS as ‘Maritime Operations Managers and Program Directors for Scripture Engagement to the Torres Straits’… (whew, long title). The Torres Straits are islands south of Papua New Guinea and north of Cape York, Queensland Australia. It is a remote area comprised of 19 inhabited islands. The islanders language, Yumplatok (yum-pla-talk), was just translated (their NT, Genesis, Psalms, and Jonah) and Mike and Karen are part of a team getting the translated Word into the hearts, heads and hands of islanders. They use digital media, wi-fi, blue tooth, songs, video and printed materials to teach and evangelize the people of this language group. Your prayers and financial support empower us to serve – Thank You!