J & K

Short ministry description

J&K married in 2003 and have been involved in missions since then, having spent their first year of marriage in Africa. They moved with overseas with their children in 2009 to serve in the Muslim community in one of the least reached countries in the world.

J works with university students and young professionals from the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. His ministry is to share the good news of the gospel through these relationships and teaching and discipling the many who express interest. From these efforts many Muslim-background believers are now returning to their home countries and providing a witness in areas where there is no church.

K ministers as a mother to four children, in the school among teachers and other moms and with refugees flooding in from wars across the Middle East. Working with a small group of ladies, K serves over 100 women and young children living as refugees, providing them with medical consultation, education, food, clothing and helping to meet emotional and spiritual needs of people who have nothing.

J&K begin their second term in early 2013 where they will build upon the foundation that the Lord has laid in being a light where no other exists.

* Full names and picture withheld for security purposes.