Church Life App


ACS Church LifeTM is a free mobile app that keeps your important church information conveniently on your mobile device.P

Please NOTE: In order to use the app, you must have a login id and password. If you already give online through our online portal, you will use that login id and password. If you have not given online through our portal, then you will need to contact us to have an ID and Password set up for you.

Need a Login ID & Password? Contact Becky Wilcoxson by calling (239)334-0316 or emailing

Install ACS Church Life

Visit the appropriate website to download and install the app to your mobile device or tablet.


For other mobile devices, enter into any browser.

Log In

On your tablet or mobile device, open the ACS Church Life app.

When the sign in screen displays, choose how you will enter your login credentials. These are the credentials you use to log into your church’s website.

You can enter your Email Address and Password, or your church’s Site Number ( 111214 )Username, and Password. If you don’t know your church’s Site Number, contact your church administrator.

To remember your login information, change the Remember Me option to Yes.



In the upper left corner, tap the menu  to access Church Life’s features.

FCC did not activate everything you will see on the menu so you may not be able to use or see all features of Church Life.

Give Easier than Online

To GIVE thru Church Life

  1. Tap the menu, then tap Give
  2. Enter the amount you want to give, select a fund, and enter an optional memo, should you want to leave a note.
  3. To enter multiple gifts, tap + add more. Select a frequency, date, and saved account, then tap

View FCC’s Calendar

Church Life keeps you informed of FCC’s scheduled events, through a link with FCC’s main and ministry specific calendars. You can also add calendar events to your personal calendar.

To view the CALENDAR

  1. Tap the menu , then tap
  2. To filter the calendar, tap . Select the calendars to include, then tap Apply Filter.
  3. To change the calendar’s display mode, tap . This lets you view the calendar by month or view a list of current events.

A Church Directory in Your Hand

To hunt a phone number or address

  1. Tap the menu, then tap People.
  2. In the Search field, enter a portion of the name (first or last name works) or full name. When the results display, tap the name you are looking for.
  3. At the top, tap pencil icon edit button.
  4. To return to the previous window at any time, tap < People.