Becky Wilcoxson

BeckyChurch Administrator

Core responsibilities:
•    Office Manager & HR
•    Support Senior Pastors and Comptroller
•    Facility Scheduling & Maintenance Coordination

Five ways to describe her:  Organized, cheerful, dependable, creative, makes order out of chaos

Favorite Bible verse: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Where she learned her stuff: Mostly from life and also at Indiana University Southeast & University of Louisville

Favorite thing about FCCFM: Small church feel with large church advantages

Family: Widowed just shy of 40 years of marriage in ’06. Three children with eleven grandchildren.  One sister in Texas.

If she wasn’t working here: “I’d have a diner with a restored ’57 Chevy in front and lots of doo wop music!”

Random Facts: Southern Indiana across from Louisville, Kentucky has been my home primarily (although I haven’t lived there since ’93) however I have also lived in Illinois, Delaware, Kentucky, Vermont and Arizona before moving to Florida. I play drums, piano, organ, bassoon and xylophone, I’ve managed a candy store where I hand dipped chocolate, made candy canes from scratch, and made fudge a hundred pounds at a time.