12/31/2017 – Turn the Page


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9am – 10am – Children & Adult Bible Classes
10:30am – Worship Begins

TODAY’S MESSAGE – Turn the Page

Four Truths:

  • Truth 1: We all have an imperfect past.
  • Truth 2: We don’t have to be slaves to the stain.
  • Truth 3: Turning the page takes intentional effort.
  • Truth 4: The prize is worth the work.

Turn the page on . . .

  1. A lukewarm relationship with Jesus
  2. Un-forgiveness
  3. That stubborn sin
  4. How you handle God’s money


  • End of the Year Giving Any contributions for 2017 need to be in today. If you miss the offering, it can be dropped off at the Events Counter or done online at fccfm.org.
  • 2018 Bible Reading Plan Starts January 1, as we read the New Testament together. There are 3 options to Get Connected:
  • 1) For smart phones or tablets: Download and install the YouVersion Bible App. Then open a browser and type in the following URL (EXACTLY as shown)
    http://bible.com/r/2H and click on “Start Plan”.
  • 2) For laptops or computers: Open a browser and type in the following URL
    (EXACTLY as shown) http://bible.com/r/2H click on “Start Plan”.
  • 3) For a printed version: Copies are located at the Information Counter in the Lobby.
  • Each week the teaching on Sunday will be from the previous weeks readings. Join us in making 2018 the year of THE WORD!
  • Total Payment DUE for Cornerstone Trip Cost is $330. A few seats are left for the trip to North Florida cities, March 6 – 9, 2018. Stop by the Events Counter for more